Maintain Privileged Identity Hygiene

The Zero Trust framework requires constant user verification. Being inside or outside the network is irrelevant—increasingly the reality with the rise of remote work and use of cloud-based applications. Identity threat detection & response (ITDR) becomes even more central to success, and with continuous, automatic scanning for exploitable identity risks, Illusive can be a key enabler.

Illusive for Zero Trust Initiatives

Automatic, Continuous Identity Vulnerability Scanning

Automatically discover and prioritize over a dozen different kinds of identity vulnerabilities that attackers take advantage of, often with free, downloadable attack tools such as Mimikatz, Bloodhound, and Cobalt Strike. Also find “shadow admin” accounts—users with unexpected ways to elevate their privileges and compromise your identity security architecture.

Identify and Cleanse Wayward Cloud Tokens

Automatically find and remove cloud access tokens that are frequently stored on endpoints—tokens that provide privileged access to critical cloud applications and data.

Eliminate Today's Top Attack Vector

Are ONE IN SIX of your endpoints leaving you vulnerable to attack? Discover and automatically remediate identity vulnerabilities throughout your environment by getting a demo today.