Eliminate Identity Vulnerabilities

Ransomware has evolved from the scattershot attacks of years ago into a highly targeted, human-operated enterprise threat. And despite deploying PAM and MFA, 1 in 6 endpoints is vulnerable to an identity-based attack. Illusive Spotlight™ automatically scans your entire environment to find and help remediate identity vulnerabilities before they can be used in a ransomware attack.

How Illusive Stops Ransomware

Find Identity Vulnerabilities Before the Attackers Do​

Automatically discover and prioritize over a dozen different kinds of identity vulnerabilities that attackers take advantage of, often with free, downloadable attack tools such as Mimikatz, Bloodhound, and Cobalt Strike.​

Remediate Vulnerabilities Automatically​

Based upon policy and proximity to “crown jewels”, automatically remediate vulnerabilities by sanitizing endpoints and updating Active Directory.​

Protect Using Deceptive Compensating Controls

Deploy deceptions as compensating controls for privileged identity risks that can’t be mitigated. Mimic credentials, connections, data, systems, and more—all appearing useful to a ransomware attacker. Collect forensics and attacker intelligence.

Eliminate Today's Top Attack Vector

Are ONE IN SIX of your endpoints leaving you vulnerable to attack? Discover and automatically remediate identity vulnerabilities throughout your environment by getting a demo today.