Use Instant Forensic Intelligence to Speed Investigation and Remediation

Threat detection systems generate thousands of vague alerts, many of them false positives. Investigators waste valuable time chasing anomalous activity that turns out to be benign. Analysts burn out while research indicates upwards of 39% of real threats go missing in the shadows. Illusive helps SOCs reclaim expensive time and effort lost to manual activity while becoming more proactive and efficient in incident response.

How Illusive Makes Your SOC More Efficient

Source-Based Forensics On-Demand

Agentless technology can collect forensics on any machine and return precise intelligence in seconds that usually requires hours of manual activity.

Replace over 20 Separate Tools with an API Call

Collect dozens of forensic artifacts from any given endpoint on a single pane of glass and without having to toggle between tools.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

A Forensic Timeline displays all collected artifacts from an endpoint in chronological order, allowing analysts to quickly figure out what happened.

See Attacker Proximity to Crown Jewels

Use Illusive algorithms to determine where your most critical data is stored and see how many hops attackers are from it to prioritize triage.

Make Every SOC Tier More Efficient

Analysts throughout the SOC are reaping the benefits of greater efficiency and time saved with Illusive forensics and intelligence.

  • Cover More With Your Current Team

    Leverage detailed Illusive forensics to downshift incidents to lower tiers and free the upper tier analysts for other initiatives.

  • Empower Lower Tier Analysts

    Give lower-tier analysts the data they need to escalate better quality incidents and eliminate false positives earlier in the investigation.

  • Free Up More Time for Remediation

    Reduce the time junior analysts spend collecting contextual data for incident enrichment and give them more time to respond to the most dangerous threats.

  • Leverage More Upper Tier Expertise

    Illusive forensics help senior analysts spend less time remediating incidents and more time enhancing processes and making the SOC more effective.

On-Demand Webinar

See Illusive SOC Efficiency In Action

In this on-demand webinar, Illusive SOC Expert Phil Chen demonstrates how Illusive can increase SOC efficiency through a deception-based approach.

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