Active Defense – Change the Game on Attackers

Recent nation-state attacks shine a light on the challenges in securing the interior of the network and preventing attackers from harvesting credentials and moving laterally toward critical assets. Organizations need to assume compromise and focus on early detection and remediation of post-breach attacker activity.

How Illusive Stops Nation-State Attackers

Attack Pathway Discovery and Elimination

Make it difficult for the attacker to live off the land by identifying and cleaning credentials and pathway information that fuel attacker movement.

An Environment Hostile to Attackers

Replace extraneous lateral movement paths with deceptive data that goads threat actors into revealing their presence early in the attack lifecycle.

Risk-Based Threat Intelligence

Deliver on-demand intelligence for SOC and IR teams to speed investigation. See an attacker's current location, actions taken, and more.

Telemetry to Speed APT Incident Response

Collect source-based forensics on in-progress APT attempts to prioritize alerts, coordinate remediation, and prevent future attacks.

Stop APT's with an Active Defense

Exponentially reduce business impact by complementing probabilistic threat identification approaches with deterministic detection based on deception.

  • Reduce False Positives

    Deterministic detection sets off alerts based on genuine attacker interactions – no guessing based on probability.

  • Respond to APTs in Real Time

    Pinpoint and contain new threats before they can move closer to critical business assets and get actionable intelligence to respond strategically.

  • Detect Previously Unseen Threats

    Illusive’s APT detection is based on the identification of malicious lateral movement and does not rely on signatures or pattern recognition.

  • Deploy MITRE-Aligned Active Defense

    Leverage Illusive distributed deception to carry out the limited offensive actions outlined in MITRE Shield’s adversary engagement matrix.

Schedule a Cyber Risk Assessment

Proactively analyze your network and find the pathways nation-state and state-sponsored attackers could use to attack you.