How Can You Tell When Employees Go Rogue?

Traditionally insider attacks occurred when individual employees became disgruntled, seeking out revenge. Today there are new motivations behind insider threats and these attacks are beginning to resemble any other Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). The Illusive Product Suite helps organizations detect malicious insiders as soon as they start attempting to move towards data they shouldn’t access.

How Illusive Stops Insider Threats

Harden Your Attack Surface to Insiders

Ensure that users do not have unauthorized credentials and connections to critical business assets

Identify Insiders with High Fidelity

Deceptions tailored to look legitimate on the endpoint trigger alerts when the insiders attempt to use them in an attack.

Forensics to Catch Insiders Red-Handed

Real-time source forensics deliver incontrovertible proof of malicious intent and allow for catching insiders without tipping them off.

Deceptive Microsoft Office Beacon Files

Create deceptive, beaconized Word and Excel documents that can immediately alert organizations to the presence of malicious insiders upon access.

The Fastest, Most Effective Insider Defense

Reduce insider threat risk by hardening the network, detecting the earliest signs of suspicious activity, and leveraging forensics to respond.

  • Detect Insiders Early, No Baseline Needed

    Ensure early attacker detection of malicious insiders—no matter where compromise begins or how it is carried out.

  • Preempt Insider Data Access

    See exactly how insiders could reach your critical assets by uncovering invisible conditions that enable lateral movement, and easily remove them.

  • See Where Potential Insiders Snoop

    Get real-time intelligence about the proximity of attackers to crown jewel assets and high-privilege credentials.

  • Cut Insider Investigation Time

    With a forensic timeline of all insider events and screenshots of the attack, the Illusive Product Suite eliminates investigation guesswork.

Schedule an Insider Risk Assessment

Illusive assessments have found thousands of malicious insider pathways across industries in situations where the organization lacked crucial visibility.