Detect and Stop APTs, Ransomware, and Malicious Insiders

Despite the vast resources financial institutions devote to cybersecurity, there remains the challenge to locate and thwart in-network attackers before real damage is done. Increasingly sophisticated attacker techniques–combined with complex ecosystems, continuous business innovation, M&A activity, cloud adoption, and a growing attack surface–multiples the problem for financial entities and increases the importance of early attack detection.

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On-Demand Webinar: Deception for Banks

Deception technology is based on the simplest of algorithms – either the attacker interacted with a deceptive element or did not, and only those navigating the underside of the network will encounter deceptive data. See how banks and financial institutions can put it to use.

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Risk Assessment for Banks

Illusive is offering fast, remote Attack Risk Assessments that can provide actionable insight on risk reduction as work environments evolve.

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