Press Release May 17, 2021

Illusive Donates Security Resources and Charitable Contributions to Highlight Organizational Risk

Lateral Movement, Lateral Movement Risk Audit

Active Defense leader offering donations of $1500 to charity of choice for Lateral Movement Risk Audit

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel — May 17, 2021 Illusive, the leader in Active Defense, today announced its Lateral Movement Risk Audit initiative to shed light on security risks to business’ critical assets while giving back to charitable organizations. To further its mission to keep organizations safe and deprive attackers the ability to move laterally, Illusive is offering a free security assessment and a donation of $1,500 to the recipient’s charity of choice.

“Attackers are actively seeking ways to steal organizations’ most critical assets, which can leave businesses and organizations completely immobilized,” said Ofer Israeli, Founder and CEO of Illusive. “Lateral movement risk audits are critical to discovering the vulnerabilities that exist within an organization’s environment and enable threats. With this initiative, we’re able to not only stop today’s most dangerous nation-state and ransomware attacks, but also support charities doing incredibly important work in other areas.”

The full audit will provide insights into organizations’ security posture through a comprehensive risk overview by threat vector. Organizations will have increased network visibility, including admin account access and high-risk connections to business assets, to make more informed decisions and get ahead of potentially damaging security threats.

Illusive’s fully remote audit evaluates six different attack surface categories ranging from identification of ‘crown jewel’ assets, user credentials and local administrators to network connection pathways and shadow admins. Each category is assigned a grade from A to F along with specific details of risk findings and actionable insights.

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About Illusive 

Illusive prevents attackers from accessing critical assets and detects the lateral movement that enables today’s most dangerous ransomware and nation-state attacks. Despite significant investments, it’s still difficult to see and stop attackers moving inside your environment. The Illusive Active Defense Suite identifies and removes the vulnerable connections and credentials that allow attackers to move undetected, and then replaces them with deceptive versions that fool attackers into revealing their presence upon engagement. Illusive’s agentless approach captures deterministic proof of in-progress attacks and provides actionable forensics to empower a quick and effective response.

Illusive was founded by nation-state attackers who developed a solution to beat attackers. We help Fortune 100 companies protect their crown jewels, including the largest global financials and pharmaceuticals. Illusive has participated in over 130 red team exercises and never lost one!

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