Illusive Blog November 8, 2021

The Illusive Money-Back Guarantee: Risk-Free Deployments Accelerate Time to Value

By Bob Horn
Customer Success, Illusive

The Illusive mission is predicated on a belief that defenders deserve to win. This winning attitude permeates our culture, from our award-winning product to our undefeated record against red teams, but it begins with our approach to customer success. Not only is Illusive changing the way organizations discover identity risks and prevent lateral attack movement, but we are also changing the way organizations evaluate and deploy new solutions with our 100% Success Guarantee.
The Illusive 100% Success Guarantee means that our customers can opt-out within the first 60-days for a full refund if we don’t meet the customer’s success criteria, shortcutting the need for an expensive and resource-intensive proof of concept (POC) with a risk-free deployment that accelerates time to value.

A Flawed Concept

The purpose of a POC is to take the risk out of software acquisition by letting organizations test a solution before committing to buying it, but there are several issues with the POC process that can lead to a false sense of security.

  1. Limited Scope – Most POC’s are limited to a small and sanitized deployment, which also limits the extent a solution can be evaluated. For example, potential performance issues or false-positive alerting may not be readily apparent during a small-scale deployment.
  2. Time-Consuming – It isn’t unusual for POCs to take months to set up and evaluate. That’s because an organization wants to make sure the solution meets its needs before making a big investment. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of wasted time since it takes longer for organizations to realize the benefits of its new solution – that is, delaying its “time to value.”
  3. Smoke and Mirrors – It is also unusual for a vendor to be disqualified during the POC process because most are designed with certain specifications to ensure they don’t fail. But “not failing” is not good enough in a production environment. Organizations need solutions designed for them to succeed.

The ugly truth is that the POC is just another checkbox during the sales cycle, but it doesn’t take any risk out of the purchase. Once a customer signs a contract, they have limited options if new issues emerge in the production environment; potentially costing even more time and money in the long run.

The POC is Dead – Long Live the Opt Out

The Illusive Opt Out Program provides a 100% Success Guarantee which takes the risk out of procurement. Illusive guarantees your success or your money back. When success is guaranteed there is no risk to deployment, so Illusive’s customers are able to realize a rapid time to value.

When customers are evaluating new solutions, they want to make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. Until now, the POC was the only option to minimize the risk of purchasing a new solution, but it still can’t account for hitting major roadblocks in deployment and production environments. What if organizations could take all of the time and energy they put into POCs directly into a deployment so that they could see the ease and value along the way? They can with the Illusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.