Illusive Blog March 16, 2022

SentinelOne Acquires #2 Identity Risk Management Company

Deception Technology, Identity Risk Management

Congratulations are due to SentinelOne on their recently announced acquisition of Attivo Networks for $616 million. The substantial value of the transaction clearly indicates the criticality of identity risk management for large organizations.

SentinelOne is an important player in endpoint protection (4th in the leadership quadrant in a recent Gartner report), and they have over 6,000 customers. So it’s no surprise that they woke up to the fact that, as Gartner also says, “misused credentials are now the top technique used in breaches.”

At Illusive, we’ve never been surprised that “identity is the new perimeter.” In fact, based on our unique research showing that one in six endpoints have identity risk, we contend that identity is the new vulnerability. “New” in terms of market awareness, but not new to us. We’ve spent over seven years protecting our customers from identity risks, with no losses in over 140 red team exercises, so we’re well aware.

If you’re interested in seeing the types of identity risks in your own environment, contact us for a free identity risk assessment.