Illusive Blog November 4, 2021

Illusive + Microsoft: Enhancing Conditional Access to Protect Privileged Identities

By Mark Jaffe
Attack Surface Management, Identity Access Management, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Privileged Identities

Illusive is proud to announce a new identity risk protection solution for Microsoft Azure Active Directory, now available on Azure Marketplace, which extends conditional access policies to protect privileged identities from the predominant risk of identity-based attacks. Identity risks, whether caused by privileged identities going unmanaged, misconfigured, or becoming otherwise exposed, have become the number one source of data breaches and ransomware. Protecting privileged identities and enforcing conditional access are key tenants of zero trust security. Together, Illusive and Microsoft are strengthening security for these critical identity risks.

The proof of identity risks is pervasive. According to the ID Alliance, 79 percent of organizations have had an identity-related breach in the past two years. And according to Digital Shadows, RDP access credentials have become the most common and valuable listings on dark net ransomware forums. In conversations with cybersecurity insurance adjusters, more than half of the controls they assess before selling ransomware insurance focus on identities and access control.

Defining Identity Risks

Identity risks include unmanaged identities, such as local admins not enrolled in LAPS, misconfigured identities, such as over-privileged users, and exposed identities, such as cached RDP access credentials. In our regular audits of prospects, partners, and customers, we have found that every single organization has identity risks. That bears repeating – ALL organizations have identity risks. These identity risks are rarely intentional, but instead a result of their regular use and configuration in IT systems and applications that are required as part of normal business operations.

According to Microsoft, “Identities – whether they represent people, services, or IoT devices – define the Zero Trust control plane. When an identity attempts to access a resource, we need to verify that identity with strong authentication, ensure access is compliant and typical for that identity and follows least privilege access principles.”

Organizations concerned with protecting their data, applications, networks, and infrastructure need to enforce the conditional access of privileged identities.

Illusive offers a comprehensive solution to discover, mitigate and protect identity risks. Illusive enables its customers to obtain a complete understanding of their identity risks, automate the continuous cleanup of their identity risks, and provide compensating controls for identity risks.

Illusive Enforces Conditional Access with Microsoft Azure AD

Illusive’s new integration with Microsoft Azure AD is designed to enforce conditional access controls and authentication. Illusive automatically discovers privileged identities within Microsoft Azure AD and whether multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enforced for the identities at risk. Illusive can mitigate these risks by enrolling these privileged identities in MFA with a single click of a button. Illusive already makes it easy to find and eliminate identity risks through cyber hygiene of unnecessary cached credentials, and with our new Microsoft integration, we are making it easy to enforce conditional access and authentication as well, removing the risk that ransomware could use it in an attack.

If you would like to learn more, watch this video about Illusive’s new integration with Microsoft or contact Illusive today and ask how we can integrate with your Azure environment to secure exploitable identity risks.