Press Release May 4, 2017

Kudelski Security Announces Industry’s First Managed Security Services Offering to Feature Illusive Network’s Deception-Based Technology

CHESEAUX-SUR-LAUSANNE, Switzerland and PHOENIX, May 4th, 2016 – Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) and trusted innovator for the world’s most security-conscious organizations, today announced that illusive networks’ innovative Deceptions Everywhere ® technology has been integrated into Kudelski Security’s managed security services (MSS) offerings. This is the first and only managed security services solution to feature illusive’s Deception Management System™(DMS), creating the most robust enterprise-class protection offering available.

Traditional managed security service providers (MSSPs) offer solutions that do little more than alert clients to anomalies on the network, often leaving security teams to do the time-consuming work of identifying real threats. This wastes critical time in the event of a breach and leads clients to question the value and return on their MSSP investment. In response to this, Kudelski Security has pioneered a new approach to MSS. Delivered through global Cyber Fusion Centers in Cheseaux, Switzerland and in Phoenix, Kudelski Security’s MSS offerings provide enterprises with the relevant, contextualized, actionable threat intelligence they need to make better decisions, faster and reduce the time to identify an attack.

“Kudelski Security distinguishes its MSS offering by adopting cutting-edge technologies and approaches that better match the security demands created by a continuously evolving threat landscape,” said Rich Fennessy, chief executive officer of Kudelski Security. “Illusive networks’ Deceptions Everywhere technology is an important addition to our MSS strategy, enabling us to better protect our clients’ critical assets by identifying breaches more quickly, slowing attackers down and reducing the damage they can cause.”

“Illusive’s dynamic cybersecurity solution blankets a company’s entire network with information that deceives attackers, providing a high detection rate, near zero false positives, plus it is easy both to deploy and maintain, especially for large organizations,” said Tracy Pallas, vice president, worldwide channels at illusive networks. “Our industry-leading, pre-emptive deception technology will greatly enhance Kudelski Security’s market-disruptive approach of providing more effective and valuable managed security services.”

Typical honeypot networks are easy for experienced hackers to identify, as they are often small and contain generic file and machine names. Honeypots are passive, placed in the hope that attackers may stumble upon them. They also lack elements that are present in real endpoints and networks, such as recent browser histories, logins and other activities. Illusive’s sophisticated approach creates an alternate network environment that behaves and appears as a real network would. Driven by an advanced machine learning platform that preemptively identifies attack pathways, best-fit deceptions are autonomously produced based on continuous real-time environment analysis, deployed agentlessly and set remotely. By providing an endless source of false information, illusive’s solution mitigates Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) at the earliest opportunity, enabling clients to detect breaches with real-time forensics and without disruption to business. If an attacker can determine that they’ve discovered a network guarded with deception technology, they will move even slower, knowing that any wrong maneuver will alert the enterprise to their presence and shut them out.

“Illusive keeps intruders guessing even if they’ve managed to penetrate an enterprise’s real network. We are able to deploy deceptions everywhere, learn how attackers behave and expose their tactics, creating actionable intelligence for security teams to use in order to fortify their environment against future threats,” said Alton Kizziah, vice president, global managed services, Kudelski Security. “The fact that both companies create advanced solutions that provide relevant threat data and reduce time to detection make this an ideal partnership. Our already robust managed service offering is now made even more powerful through this integration.”