Press Release October 19, 2016

Illusive Networks’ Wire Transfer Guard – First Cyber Deception Technology Protecting Wire Transfer Banking Networks Against Advanced Attacks - Now Available

illusive networks’ Wire Transfer Guard – First Cyber Deception Technology Protecting Wire Transfer Banking Networks Against Advanced Attacks – Now Available

Wire Transfer Guard detects, reports and mitigates targeted attacks that pose high risk of financial and strategic damage to financial institutions worldwide

New York, NY, October 19, 2016 –In response to a dramatic increase in targeted attacks against global banking networks, illusive networks, the leader in Deceptions Everywhere®  cybersecurity, today released Wire Transfer Guard™, the first cyber deception technology designed to detect, report and mitigate targeted attacks against global wire transfer banking systems.

Wire Transfer Guard deploys a purpose-built family of deceptions to lure the attacker to multiple decoy wire transfer systems, provides real-time source-based forensics, and detects attacker’s lateral movements aimed at the global wire service network in real-time.

“Recent enormously successful attacks have proven just how vulnerable the wire transfer system can be,” said Shlomo Touboul, CEO, illusive networks. “Conventional prevention technologies have failed to properly defend financial institutions. Deception based technology protects against sophisticated attacks, whether from insider or external attackers.”

Wire Transfer Guard combines with illusive networks’ Attacker View™, which reveals all attack paths to the network. This allows defenders to understand where their network is exposed and make calculated decisions on how to optimize deception policy.


illusive Wire Transfer Guard™ Key Features:

  • Attack Mitigation
  • Prevents advanced attacks from reaching your real assets by diverting attacks into decoy networks.
  • Creates multidimensional wire transfer network-specific deceptions that together create decoy wire transfer networks. (The decoy networks includes credentials, databases, gateways and access servers as well as Web interface and other system entities).
  • Detailed Forensics
  • Provides detailed real-time and source-based forensics on advanced attackers targeting wire transfer systems to reveal the nature of the APT.
  • No false positives
  • Deceptions are invisible to end users or regular IT personal and incidents are reported in real time.
  • Does not increase attack surface
  • Since there is no agent installed on the endpoints, attacker cannot reverse engineer agents and find ways to mitigate its operation
  • Easy to Deploy and Scale
  • Agentless technology
  • Once deployed, no IT team intervention is required
  • Requires minimal operation via a SIEM system or CISO team.

About illusive networks

illusive networks is pioneering deception-based cybersecurity with its patent-pending Deceptions Everywhere™ technology that neutralizes targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) by creating a deceptive layer across the entire network. By providing an endless source of false information, illusive networks disrupts and detects advanced attacks with real-time forensics and without disruption to business. For more information, please visit or follow @illusivenw on Twitter.