Press Release December 21, 2016

Illusive Networks Selected by SC Magazine as an Industry Innovator in Next-Generation Security Monitoring and Analytics

NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2016 –illusive networks today announced that its pioneering Deceptions Everywhere® cybersecurity was selected by SC Magazine as a Next-Generation Security Monitoring and Analytic Innovator in its award-winning annual Reboot ’16 Innovators issue.

SC Labs review commended illusive for taking deception-based cybersecurity beyond traditional honeypots, and reinventing the category. illusive networks’ agentless Deceptions Everywherecybersecurity blankets a company’s entire network — every endpoint, server and network component – with information that deceives would-be attackers. When attackers act upon the false information, illusive neutralizes the attack and triggers a detailed breach report enabling security administrators to detect, track and contain the attack in its early stages.


illusive delivers several cybersecurity industry firsts including: Attacker View™,  a sophisticated breakthrough technology that exposes hidden cyber attack paths, enabling IT professionals to adapt their security strategy to mitigate advanced attacker’s lateral movement;  Wire Transfer Guard™, the first cyber deception technology to protect wire transfer banking systems against targeted Advanced Attacks; and Advanced Ransomware Guard™ blocks ransomware activity at the source host before it gains a foothold in the network.