Press Release October 17, 2019

Illusive Networks Reinforces Privileged Account Security for Next-Gen Deception Management with BeyondTrust Password Safe

Integration of Illusive Networks and BeyondTrust solutions strengthens security of deception implementation and adherence to privileged account policies and best practices

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel — October 17, 2019 — Illusive Networks®, the leader in deception-based cyber defense solutions, today announced an out-of-box integration with BeyondTrust Password Safe. The integration allows organizations to seamlessly incorporate Privileged Account Management into the deployment and administration of the Illusive Platform, helping achieve compliance with the most stringent security policies for highly privileged administrators responsible for implementation and ongoing management of Illusive’s next-generation deception technology.

Through easy point-and-click integration, organizations may now enhance the security of their Illusive deployment by applying BeyondTrust’s privileged account management to all administrative tasks within the Illusive platform, thus hardening security for distribution of deceptions, collection of attacker forensics, and the discovery and removal of cached connections and credentials on endpoints.

“The application of privileged account standards and procedures for assigning and managing credentials related to distribution and steady state administration of Illusive Networks’ deception technology is paramount for many high-security-minded organizations,” said Ofer Israeli, CEO and Founder of Illusive Networks. “Illusive Networks’ integration with BeyondTrust makes it easy to incorporate privileged account management into the work streams of deception placement and subsequent forensic response activities.”

“Companies rely on BeyondTrust to secure privileged access to their most sensitive applications and network assets. As more of our customers adopt Illusive’s deception technology to detect and stop advanced cyber threats, they can now seamlessly roll Illusive administration functions into their existing BeyondTrust framework to reinforce security of the Illusive Platform and comply with their existing privileged access rules and standards,” said Sunil Shenoy, BeyondTrust’s VP of Alliances. “The Illusive Networks and BeyondTrust partnership not only helps organizations comply with the most stringent security policies for highly privileged administrators, but it also hardens deception security by eliminating local credential storage.”

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About Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks uses next-generation deception technology to stop cyber-attacks by detecting and disarming attackers, destroying their decision-making processes, and depriving them of the means to laterally move towards attack targets. Illusive’s inescapable deceptions eliminate high-risk pathways to critical systems, force attackers to reveal themselves early in the threat lifecycle and capture real-time forensics that accelerate incident response. Built on agentless, AI-driven automation and requiring very little security team support, Illusive immediately shifts the advantage to defenders, freeing precious resources from the complicated and data-heavy approaches that overload them today.

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