Press Release April 30, 2020

Illusive Networks Extends Distributed Deception to the Cloud

New Capabilities Defend Organizations Against Attacks from Anywhere to Anywhere

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel, April 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Illusive Networks®, the leader in deception-based cyber defense solutions, today announced the release of new features designed to reduce cloud computing security risks. This extends Illusive’s award-winning distributed deception capabilities to threats emanating from, to, and across cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP. By extending core capabilities – shrinking the organization’s true attack surface, creating the illusion of an expanded attack surface, and speeding response with pinpoint, real-time forensics – to fully encompass the cloud, Illusive now enables customers to gain increased network visibility and stop attacker movement across their entire computing environment.

With this release, Illusive addresses several common and persistent vulnerabilities affecting cloud security. By detecting attackers immediately at cloud beachheads, the Illusive Platform can target low-and-slow data breaches that often start with attackers getting a foothold in the cloud. In addition, customers gain visibility into the organization’s full attack surface, empowering identity and authentication tools to better fill gaps between premise and cloud. Further, customers can now deploy Illusive’s new cloud-ready, hardware-free decoys quickly and non-disruptively, at vast scale, to gain threat intelligence on attacker behavior anywhere in the estate.

Ofer Israeli, CEO and founder, Illusive Networks, said: “Most organizations today rely on multiple cloud-based services and providers, but security remains a serious issue – especially as attackers continue to leverage account takeover to gain unauthorized access and breach systems. With this release, organizations can defend themselves across any attack surface. The Illusive Platform now provides high-fidelity preemption, detection and response that stops attacks by paralyzing attacker movement from anywhere to anywhere, including on-premise, remote, cloud, IoT, OT and IIoT environments.”

Specific new features include:

• Support for next-gen deception technology and deployment across the most popular cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP
• The ability to visualize and identify cloud data “crown jewels,” or key assets, that need to be protected, and find and eliminate common attacker pathways towards that data
• Identification and mitigation of high-risk cloud users, such as those who do not have authentication enabled, users with poor cloud account hygiene, shadow cloud users, domain admins, and others
• Deceptions based on commonly used servers and server infrastructure to prevent attacker compromise
• Standalone decoys that deceptively mimic cloud services and applications to trap attackers in isolated cloud environments
• End-to-end Microsoft Cloud solution integration, including Intune, AzureAD and Azure Portal

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About Illusive Networks
Illusive Networks uses next-generation deception technology to stop cyber-attacks by paralyzing attackers, destroying their ability to make decisions, and depriving them of the means to move sideways towards attack targets. Illusive’s inescapable deception and attack surface reduction capabilities eliminate high-risk pathways to critical systems, force attackers to reveal themselves early in the threat lifecycle, and capture real-time forensics that accelerate incident response. Built on agentless, advanced automation, and requiring very little security team support, Illusive immediately shifts the advantage to defenders, freeing precious resources from the complicated and data-heavy approaches that overloaded them in the past.

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