Press Release April 27, 2017

Illusive Networks and SANS Present Webinar on Discovering the Value of Deception-Based Cybersecurity

New York, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel – April 27, 2017 – Illusive Networks, the leader in deception-based cybersecurity, invites the public and media to a webinar led by The SANS Institute, the world’s largest and most trusted information security training provider

In the webinar, SANS Fellow Dr. Eric Cole will share his insights about deception based cybersecurity and discuss what enterprises need to know in order to secure their networks against sophisticated APTs. Dr. Cole will also share insights on how to overcome the challenges of wide scale deployments in terms of scalability, manageability and believability.

Dr. Cole will also share details of his review of illusive networks’ deception and protection capabilities to show cyber deceptions in action. Learn how illusive networks’ tools and services can aid early detection and response, as well as hide the deceptions from attackers.

SANS Webcast: Deception Matters: Slowing the Adversary with illusive networks

When: Tuesday, May 2nd at 13.00 EST

With: Dr. Eric Cole and by Chad Gasaway, Director of Sales Engineering, illusive networks


‘Deception is a game changer,” Dr. Cole explains. “The fundamental benefit of deception technology is that it creates an illusion of reality in which the adversary cannot differentiate between the two.”

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