Press Release March 22, 2017

CyberArk Expands C3 Alliance with Illusive Networks to Drive Greater Cyber Security Innovation and Collaboration

New Integrations with Atos, Phantom, Proofpoint and RSA Enable Customers to Drive More Effective Security and  Value from Existing IT Investments


NEWTON, Mass. and PETACH TIKVA, Israel – March 22, 2017 – CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), the company that protects organizations from cyber attacks that have made their way inside the networkperimeter, today announced the expansion of the C3 Alliance, CyberArk’s global technology partnerprogram. Extending the power of privileged account security through new partners and technology integrations,customers can better protect against advanced threats through a deeperset of innovative cyber security solutions.

New C3 Alliance partners and integrations include Atos, Datablink, DB Networks, DBmaestro, EZMCOM, Flexera Software, Gemalto, Hexadite, Illusive Networks, Omada, OneLogin, Palo Alto Networks, Phantom, Proofpoint, Qualys, Radiant Logic, RSA, STEALTHbits Technologies, SyferLock, Thales, Utimaco, Vistara and  Yubico.

Launched in April 2016, the C3 Alliance was established tobring enterprisesoftware, IT security and services providers together in order todeliver proactive protection, detection and response to customers by putting privileged account security at the core of their cyber security strategies. The program now has 45 partners and features 63 productintegrations to increase the value of existing ITinvestments and improve security across enterprise priorities associated with cloud, identity security, application security and  endpoint.

“Because there is nosilver bullet in security, CISOs are increasingly focusing on the value of an integrated security stack. The C3 Alliance helps drive valueacross existing ITinvestments through strategic integrations thattake advantage of automation and the ability to streamline processes and data sharing,” said Adam Bosnian, executive vice president,global business development, CyberArk. “The escalation of damaging cyber attacks requires new levels of vendor collaboration. This is why the C3 Alliance continues toexpand and prioritize vendor integration and alignment aroundprivileged account security and data for more effective cyber security.”

Unmanaged Service Accounts, Application Security and the Attacker Opportunity Organizations need tobe better able toadapt toemerging cyber threats withproactive and responsive controls, especially those aimed at protecting privileged credential vulnerabilities that existacross applications and the ITsecurity stack.

Extensive service account usage by commercial off-the-shelf and internally-developed applications, includingidentity and access management, DevOps, ITmanagement, asset discovery and vulnerability scanning applications,creates a significant attacksurface  of

unmanaged privilegedcredentials. Yet, awareness of this application security risk is disproportionately low, even though it may pose one the largest enterprisecyber security vulnerabilities.

Many of the newest C3 Alliance members and integrations focus on addressing the challenge of managing service accounts and privileged application credentials tobetter protect enterprise-class and SaaS applications that are criticaltoregular business operations and incident response.

“The interoperability between RSA® Identity Governanceand Lifecycle and the CyberArk solution began as a centralized management approachfor governing, managingand provisioning all user identities, including privileged identities and access entitlements,” said Jim Ducharme, vice presidentof Identity Products, RSA. “Today, we are expanding the interoperability with CyberArktosecure the privileged credentials used by RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle tosecurely access target systems, such as servers and databases, to collect data and report for  compliance and riskmanagementacross the enterprise and the cloud to deliver on  the benefits of business-drivensecurity.”

“Qualys’ integration with the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution helps customers using the Qualys Cloud Platform tosimplify password management for authenticatedscans across dynamic environments at large scale,” said Sumedh Thakar, chief product officer, Qualys, Inc. “By securely and centrally managing credentials for hybrid environments with a mix of cloud, on-premises and virtualizedassets, organizations can automate scanning, increaseaccuracy and reduce compliance  costs.”

“The Phantom security automation and orchestration platform connects in-house and third- party systems tohelp security operations gain better insight intopotentialthreats across the IT environment, thenreduce the timenecessary todetect and respond,” Robert Truesdell, director of product management, Phantom. “Phantom apps require privileged credentials toaccess these systems and that powerful access must be managed and controlled in a consistent, scalable way. That’s where our integration with CyberArk becomes so valuable. As our platform continues toexpand, we have tobe able tocentralize the management and security of these privileged application accounts to reduce the attack surface and keep credentials synchronized.”

C3  Alliance  Drives  Channel Opportunities

C3 Alliance members typically integrate with the CyberArk PrivilegedAccount Security Solution. These integrations have expanded opportunities for reseller and system integration partners that can help customers furthermaximize existingITinvestments by driving additional value and insight.

“Managing service accounts across multiple technologies continues tobe a challenge that our clients face,” said Serafino Napoleone, director, Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte. “With expanding C3 Alliance integration capabilities,our clients are now able toautomate and strengthen the Identity and Access Managementcontrols on their existing technologies and platforms, while simultaneously benefitting from increased privileged account security and reduced vulnerability tocyber attacks.”

“Integrating privilegedaccount security capabilities from CyberArkwith other key technologies, such as identity and access governance, allows us todifferentiate our business through high-valuesecurity services,” said Arun Kothanath,chief security strategist, DIT/Clango, Inc. “We view the C3  Alliance as a tremendous opportunity todeliver an

expanding set of innovative solutions toour customers. These solutions help them prioritize privilege as part of their cyber security strategies, such as the ability tocentrally manage all identities tomitigate risks and support compliance.”

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