Illusive Executive Leadership

Given the frequency of successful targeted attacks, we cannot continue to apply old approaches and expect to get different results. A new approach is needed. Illusive looks at the problem from the perspective of the attacker and exploits the attacker’s weakness. Attackers, once they have found their way in to a network, need reliable data that will lead them toward their target. By saturating the environment with deceptive information, Illusive creates a distorted reality that the attacker cannot confidently navigate. It’s a solution that disrupts the attacker’s operations without disrupting yours. We provide tools that help security teams detect and resolve advanced attacks, to prevent cyber incidents from becoming business crises.

  • Ofer Israeli

    CEO & Founder

    Having pioneered deception-based cybersecurity, founder and CEO of Illusive Ofer Israeli leads the company at the forefront of the next evolution of cyber defense.

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  • Arik Levi


    Arik Levi serves as Chief Financial Officer for Illusive. Arik brings over 21 years of financial and management experience in both public and startup technology companies.

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  • Claire Trimble


    Claire is a Silicon Valley native with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and business development experience across Fortune 500, mid-sized growth, and early stage start-ups.

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  • Bob Horn


    Bob has led sales at startups and Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. He joins Illusive from CognitiveScale, an AI company, where he achieved annual triple-digit ARR growth, and he still serves as an Advisor.

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  • Matan Kubovsky

    VP R&D

    Matan Kubovsky is Illusive's VP of Research and Development. With nearly a decade of cyber defense experience under his belt, Matan is charged with overseeing the product's research, development and QA.

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  • Nir Greenberg

    Senior Director of Field Engineering

    Nir is our resident technical expert, making sure customer needs are understood and met across a wide variety of industry verticals and use cases. Previously, he spent seven years with Check Point where he led the International Endpoint Support Group.

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  • Brendan O'Connell

    Chief Product Officer

    Brendan is responsible for leading the company’s product strategy and execution, as well as overseeing the R&D organization. Brendan is a cybersecurity industry veteran with a specialty in guiding R&D teams through scale-up and other major transformation initiatives.

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  • Mark Jaffe

    VP of Strategy and Business Development

    Mark is a seasoned software startup executive who's created over $750M in returns for startup shareholders. Mark co-founded and led Prelert as CEO to become the leading 3rd-party Splunk App for AI-based behavioral analytics.

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