Illusive Blog November 25, 2015

Why Deception Technology Triumphs over Honeypot Technology?

By The Illusive Networks team


You may not think American football and cyber security have much in common – but consider the age-old saying, “the best defense is a good offense.”

With so many cyber criminals finding their way into corporate and public networks, it’s time for CISOs to turn the tables on their attackers.

Honeypot architectures and Deception Everywhere™ technology represent a shift to a more offensive approach to cyber security. Spending money on reactionary technology isn’t proving to be effective on its own.

Tweet: #CyberCriminals as they launch dangerous attacks within enterprise networksDeploying deception technology gives companies the upper hand on cyber criminals as they launch dangerous attacks within enterprise networks.

Honeynet Architecture: Learn the Basics

Tweet: #Honeynets have served as the precursor to true deceptive technology since 1999Honeynets have served as the precursor to true deceptive technology since 1999, when they were first developed. Essentially, honeynets are networks of honeypot workstations that were falsely configured to make cyber criminals think they uncovered a vulnerable point of entry to sensitive information such as customer credit card datadeception_technologyHoneynets have their merits, but various limitations and long-term use in the enterprise space has led to a drop in their effectiveness.

Cyber criminals have figured out how to bypass these systems, and realize when companies are trying to put obstacles in their attack path. Honeynets were innovative at one time, but today’s CISOs need a more sophisticated approach.

Making the Move to Placing Deceptions Everywhere

illusive networks’ Deceptions Everywhere® vision takes the concept behind honeypot architecture to a new level. Rather than configuring a workstation for automated interaction with cyber criminals, the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture blankets the entire network and interacts more realistically with attackers.


Although honeynets and illusive networks Deceptions Everywhere® solutions are both examples of “the best defense is a good offense” mindset, companies need to understand the major differences between these options to determine which best fits their security strategy.

Honeypots vs. Deceptions Everywhere® Technology

It’s time for companies to start being more proactive about their cyber security efforts. Reactionary and defensive approaches are necessary, but neither one can prevent data breaches on their own. Deception technology is the key to changing the pace of your security network and hitting cyber criminals before they can get to you.

Get more proactive about cyber security and learn how deploying new deception technology  can make a big difference in your defense system.


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