Illusive Blog February 10, 2017

Use Machine Learning In Cybersecurity To Stop Data Breaches

By The Illusive Networks team

Based on Ponemon Institute research, feedback from over 300 participating companies, the average total cost of a data breach increased from $3.79M to $4M and the number one root cause of data breaches was malicious or criminal attacks.  There are hundreds of other IT Security stats just as discouraging, but one thing is consistent across all of these studies; traditional prevention tactics are not enough.  Advanced attackers are relentless and their methods evolve faster than legacy technology.

What are the options?Our CEO, Ofer Israeli, recently said, “Attack vectors change with lightning speed leaving little to no time to wait for human intervention.  As cybercriminals launch increasingly sophisticated attacks, it’s more imperative than ever to continuously create and plant deceptions in real-time that are impossible for attackers to discern from real network assets.”

illusive’s Deceptions Everywhere® and Deception Management System™ (DMS) solves the problem.  The DMS advanced machine learning platform preemptively identifies attack pathways and autonomously creates best-fit deceptions based on continuous real-time environment analysis.  DMS deploys deceptions agentlessly causing no disruption to business networks. 

illusive’s Key Features:

  • “One-click” agentless deployment – fast and easy to deploy
  • Lowest impact to existing infrastructure and IT teams
  • Automated discovery and analysis of attack vectors
  • Crafted, tailored deceptions, that are best-fit for each environment


Noted in their latest research, Stratecast VP of Research Frost and Sullivan, Mike Suby, recently stated that illusive’s deception approach is entirely active and designed from the start to support deploying deceptions everywhere, not selectively.  Other deception technology solutions have an aspect of passiveness and rely on honeypots and a sprinkling of deceptions.  

We invite you to learn about our approach to active defense.  Come watch a demo of illusive’s Deceptions Everywhere® at the RSA Conference in Booth N4509.  If you’re not attending this year, Contact us for a personal demo.

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