Illusive Blog July 21, 2016

Stay Safe from Ransomeware with Advanced Ransomware Guard™

By Beth Ruck


Between April 2015 and March 2016, there were 2,315,931 reported ransomware attacksWhile many of these attacks still target home users, the number of corporate users who experienced crypto-ransomware attacks increased from 27,000 in 2014 to over 158,000 in 2015—almost a six-fold increase.

After our recent overview of the growing ransomware problem, one thing is clear—today’s cybersecurity solutions aren’t equipped to prevent ransomware attacks.

The lack of effective ransomware solution has left most organizations targeted by ransomware attacks no choice but to pay their ransoms to unencrypt strategic files. Unfortunately, we’re only at the start of the ransomware’s rise to power.

The next phase of ransomware threats is Advanced Ransomware Threats (ARTs), which are carried out by sophisticated, advanced attackers. Attackers have always used Advanced Persistent Threat techniques to target and navigate to carefully selected strategic assets with the goal of breaching valuable data. However, ransomware will become part of these techniques as attackers take business-critical information hostage.

This combination results in ARTs that can inflict massive damage on businesses of all sizes. Without proper protection in place, companies will have no choice but to pay high ransom fees in an attempt to avoid further disruption.

In response to the growing waves of concern for ransomware attacks and future ARTs, we developed the illusive networks® Advanced Ransomware Guard —an innovative deception-based technology to block ransomware activity and protect against the most advanced ransomware threats.

Automatic Blocking is Vital to Advanced Ransomware Solutions

One key reason why ransomware solutions have been ineffective is that they’re prone to false positives, which eliminate any ability to automatically block ransomware processes.

Because ransomware attacks are much faster than other threats—sometimes being over in minutes as opposed to taking several days—quick detection and response that result in an immediate attack freeze is crucial to security.


With existing ransomware solutions, security teams have no way of ensuring alerts are trustworthy and, thus, can’t actually stop malicious processes fast enough.

In the case of ransomware attacks, this means the solutions can’t prevent the malware from encrypting strategic data.

To address this problem, the Advanced Ransomware Guard™ delivers high-fidelity, real-time alerts to ransomware attacks and blocks them automatically before attackers can encrypt any sensitive data.

The Key Benefits of illusive’s Advanced Ransomware Guard™

Tweet: Advanced Ransomware Guard creates deceptive #ransomware targets across networks, endpoints and servers key to the Advanced Ransomware Guard’s success is its ability to create deceptive ransomware targets across the network, endpoints and servers.

These deceptions detect, divert and block ransomware activity, overall preventing the malware from impacting your real assets.

When ransomware is detected – as soon as attackers try to encrypt illusive files, the Advanced Ransomware Guard™ automatically blocks the malware’s operations on the source hosts.

Ransomware Detection

Given that the Advanced Ransomware Guard™ isn’t designed for a specific ransomware family and doesn’t rely on digital signatures, it is effective in stopping not only the known but also the unknown future ransomware.

The ability to immediately and reliably detect ransomware activities and automatically tie it to blocking makes Advanced Ransomware Guard™ the only truly effective solution to emerging ARTs.

The Advanced Ransomware Guard™ provides these customer benefits:

  • Block all ransomware activity before they are able to encrypt real files
  • Real-time, high-fidelity alerts, free from any false positives
  • Protection against zero-hour ransomware attacks
  • Real-time forensics directly from the ransomware source
  • Zero disruption to business operations

Tweet: When it comes to #ransomware attacks, early detection and automated response are essential to #cybersecurity it comes to ransomware attacks, early detection and automated response are essential to defense solutions.

As attackers implement ransomware into their APT attacks, companies need more than just the promise of detection—they need a ransomware solution that immediately blocks all encryption activity before the ransomware can do any damage.

If you want to learn more, contact us to schedule a demo of the illusive networks® Advanced Ransomware Guard™.

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