Illusive Blog April 27, 2017

SANS Institute Tests Illusive's Deceptions Everywhere™

By The Illusive Networks team

Growing awareness of illusive networks Deceptions Everywhere™ technology recently led SANS Fellow, Dr. Eric Cole, to test our solution. Not only did he aim to successfully deceive an attacker, he also evaluated illusive’s scalability, manageability, and believability. The results of his (unsuccessful) efforts to attack a network and escape detection are contained in a new SANS Product Review – Deception Matters: Slowing the Adversary with illusive networks.

We’re also pleased to announce Dr. Cole’s participation in a joint webinar, titled Deception Matters: Slowing the Adversary, where he recounted his review of illusive networks’ deception and protection capabilities to show cyber deception in action. He discussed how illusive networks’ Deceptions Everywhere technology attracts adversaries to an “alternate reality” of your network, making detection faster and more accurate. Dr. Cole showed how Attacker View™ masks real network maps from attackers so they don’t know they’re being fooled. And highlighted illusive’s real-time forensics, which collects information at the moment of an attack and provides actionable reports to contain it.

The SANS Institute is the world’s most trusted and largest source of information security training and security certification. It also develops, maintains, and offers the largest collection of security research documents. We spent a week at SANS 2017 in Orlando (April 7-14) as an exhibitor and partial sponsor. This event featured intensive cyber security training courses and gave us the opportunity to engage with a wide range of SANS instructors and attendees. Next, it was off to the SANS Threat Hunting and Incident Response Summit in New Orleans (April 18-25), where we presented during a lunch session. The event was right up our alley—focusing on hunting and incident response capabilities that can be used to identify, contain, and eliminate adversaries that target networks.  Our in-house DFIR expert and blogger, Hadar Yudovich, will soon publish what he learned at the THIR event and new best practices to incident response.

Organizations often struggle with ways to not only slow down an adversary, but proactively detect them during a compromise,” said Dr. Cole. “illusive has created a unique solution that allows deception to scale across the enterprise. illusive’s solution will provide value to any organization looking to reduce dwell time and control overall damage from an incident.”

Don’t miss our webinar with SANS fellow Dr. Eric Cole! Click here to read the new SANS Product Review, written by Dr. Cole.