Illusive Blog April 14, 2016

Rebalance Cybersecurity Budgets With Deception Technology

By The Illusive Networks team


Even though we recently recapped some of the highlights of RSA Conference 2016 and the overarching focus on detection over prevention, there’s one idea we didn’t cover — the idea that companies aren’t building effective cybersecurity budgets.

According to Chris Richter, VP of Global Security, Architecture and Engineering at Level3, “As a whole, I think companies are spending too much on security. It’s getting to the point where it’s hurting the companies’ bottom lines because they’re investing so much in security.”

Businesses can’t afford to maintain the overspending status quo in cybersecurity. It’s time to rework your budget to include a near-zero false positive deception technology solution to change the economics of preventing threats and securing your business.

The Deceptions Everywhere® Approach — Changing Cybersecurity Economics

The cybersecurity community understands that there’s no “silver bullet” solution to defending networks from sophisticated attackers. Defense-in-depth strategies have become the norm as businesses stack a number of security hardware and applications throughout their networks.

However, with so many cybersecurity solutions available, it’s easy to overspend on a defense-in-depth strategy that is ultimately ineffective. Tweet: Sure the threat of #cyberattack is real, but that doesn't mean you're not overspending!

With the illusive networks® Deceptions Everywhere® architecture, you can change the economics of your cybersecurity budget with these key ROI benefits:

  • Swift Detection TimesIn the cybersecurity world, time is money—that is, the longer it takes to detect an attacker, the greater the potential damage of a breach.
    The Deceptions Everywhere® architecture is demonstrated statistically to identify an attacker within three lateral movements. This gives IT a chance to take control of the breach situation sooner and mitigate the damages.{{cta(’39da620a-cfdb-41ea-979f-99192396b0c2′)}}
  • Honeypots vs. Deception Technology
    As opposed to a honeypot approach to deception technology, Deceptions Everywhere® eliminates false positives when users  go about normal operations.
    Alerts are sent on a two-factor-authentication basis, meaning that you see alerts when attackers access a fabricated location with deceptive credentials. With actionable alerts, you can reduce your detection times and eliminate IT alarm fatigue.
  • Centralized Management Cuts CostsThe illusive networks solution is easier to deploy and manage than any other deception product while remaining the most comprehensive security solution.
    The centralized management platform minimizes IT overhead and cuts costs in your cybersecurity budget. Just think of how many honeypots it would take to match the coverage of the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture— you’d have as many honeypots as real servers!
  • Agentless OperationThe fact that illusive networks® is an agentless solution means that fewer IT resources will be spent on management. There are zero additional executables and programs to add to users’ endpoints or servers, leaving you with lower management costs and zero impact to your approved desktop image.

The Deceptions Everywhere® architecture introduces a more effective way to supplement defense-in-depth strategy while offering cost savings that  solve your budgeting problems.

One question remains—how do you actually work this new solution into your budget? Tweet: Can a vast array of #cyber defenses actually renders you less secure than 1 good one?

Didn’t Account for Deception Technology in the 2016 Budget? Here’s What to Do

It’s still early in 2016, which means if you question whether your cybersecurity budget is effectively protecting against 2016 threats, there is a long time before 2017 budget allocations. However, there are ways to rework your 2016 budget to get the Deceptions Everywhere® with Attacker View™ visibility projecting your network as soon as possible.

Consider these tips for buying innovative technology even if you didn’t plan for it last year:

  • Find areas of your defense-in-depth strategy that have been commoditized. For example, anti-virus software is becoming less effective than it once was, giving you an opportunity to reduce spending on these solutions.
  • cybersecurity_budget_review.jpgLook back at previous investments and consider which legacy acquisitions could be cut from the budget. Do you have a solution that provides constant false positives? Is IT ignoring the reports from a specific solution? If either of these are the case, you’re better off investing in a new solution such as the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture.
  • Know that your “unplanned purchases” portion of the budget will be well-spent on the Deceptions Everywhere® approach. It’s easy to let that money go to waste if you focus on the potential failure of an unplanned investment—but the illusive networks® solution is proven to make a difference in cybersecurity strategies.
  • Don’t ignore the common fear of data breaches. No company wants to be the next one in the news dealing with a massive breach of sensitive information. Reworking your budget to include the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture is the first step to making sure you aren’t the next big story.

While these tips will help you shift your 2016 budget focus to deception technology, you also have to think about 2017 budget planning.

You’re only a few months away from having to set that 2017 cybersecurity budget and it’s clear that the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture can make a positive impact—both in terms of attack defense and economics.

If you’re ready to see for yourself your network’s hidden cyber attack paths before attackers strike, contact illusive networks for a free demo of the Deceptions Everywhere® architecture and the Attack View™ visibility solution that will help you target your defenses more effectively in 2016.