Illusive Blog January 19, 2021

Introducing the new Illusive Brand and Logo!

By The Illusive Team

Today Illusive is excited to unveil our new company logo and brand identity!  The new brand reflects our superior cybersecurity innovation and continued dedication to customers and employees.

As difficult as 2020 was for so many, Illusive has so much to celebrate. Illusive’s momentum in 2020  has set the stage for what’s to come in 2021.

So, what does this mean?

  • We have dropped the word “networks” from our brand. The Illusive Active Defense solution goes beyond the network by detecting attacker movement across any environment, including the cloud, to help customers stop the most advanced attacks. Simply put, we truly are just Illusive.
  • We’re launching our new company logo. To our beloved Cheshire Cat, you served us well and we will remember you fondly, but for now you must vanish, smile and all. Our new company logo represents our unique and differentiated solution: fast, invisible, and undetectable to the attacker.
  • As part of our new brand, we will be moving over to which is live today. But don’t worry – still works too!
  • The new brand and creative represents the three pillars of the Ilusive brand
    • Illusive: We truly are Illusive, we are Fast, Invisible and Traceless
    • Deterministic: We are precise in our deterministic threat detection, if an alert goes off there is an attack. Period.
    • Active: We actively create a hostile environment for the attackers

As we enter 2021, we’re building off of excellent momentum, and bringing the wisdom of our experience to you – even if our cat isn’t coming along for the journey. We’re excited about expanding our cloud capabilities while delivering the same great lateral threat management to all our customers in any environment. We’re excited about our new logo, branding and direction. So, if you’re looking for security that ensures that attackers never reach your important assets, start the new year on the right foot by scheduling a risk assessment with us today.

Our promise to customers has always been and will continue to be, to stop attackers from accessing your important assets. Built by Attackers to Defeat Attackers