Illusive Blog June 19, 2017

Illusive's Deception Technology is Shaking up Cybersecurity

By Dave DeWalt

The vast array of breaches, from the Yahoo! breach to the Bangladesh Bank Attack, make it abundantly clear that organizations worldwide remain vulnerable to devastating cyber attacks. Prevention based security is certainly needed and provides prevention to a point, yet companies continue to invest in detection, understanding that getting hacked is a matter of time.  Detection is effective if it pinpoints at the early stage of the attack so that rapid response can be deployed. Yet for the most part, detection only alerts security once attackers are far into the network. This instigates what amounts to little more than a game of cat and mouse.

A group of industrious cyber leaders realized that laying traps would work more effectively than chasing mice ever could. They created deceptions, resources that mimic those within the organization but are only accessible to hackers. As soon as an attacker makes contact with a deception, they trigger an alert – unbeknownst to them – that reveals where they are and what they’re doing. I believe deception is the next evolution of cyber defense against APTs. This brilliant approach enables enterprises to turn the tables and proactively catch and stop adversaries.

While evaluating this exciting new field, illusive networks® stood as the clear leader in distributed deception technology, with the highest proven catch rate in the market.

illusive’s Deceptions Everywhere® completely coats the network with AI-driven, optimized deceptions. Deceptions are placed on every endpoint and server in the customer environment, as well as within network, data, and application layers – while laying completely transparent to network users and IT tools. When compared to other distributed deception platforms, the sheer magnitude of illusive’s deceptive layer makes it impossible for attackers to avoid.

I was not only impressed with illusive’s coverage, but also the way in which they create their deceptive layer. Deceptions are orchestrated by advanced machine-learning technology, which analyzes the environment continuously and in real time so they perfectly resemble your network resources. illusive constantly adapts and custom fits the deceptions in accordance with organizational network changes. Hackers cannot distinguish illusive deceptions from actual network resources and they cannot avoid contact with them, which is why illusive’s stellar catch rate is the highest in the industry.

With illusive’s distributed deceptions platform, the advantages for IT and business are clear. Security teams can depend on illusive for high-impact alerts that are credible and precise, and at the earliest possible opportunity. With illusive, security can take a proactive stance, actively engaging attackers from the get-go, to stop them long before any critical damage is done. That’s why many organizations find illusive to be incredibly OPEX-efficient and non intrusive to business.

This is a company that is clearly on the rise. Based on the latest funding round led by Microsoft Ventures in January 2017, illusive has the support of investors such as NEA, Team8 Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cisco Systems, Marker II, Citi Ventures, and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, bringing total funding to more than $30 million.

Fortune 500 companies in the United States, EMEA and APAC, have chosen to secure their assets with illusive, including dozens of financial institutions, healthcare and insurance providers, retailers, as well as energy and telecommunications companies. Global pharma leader Merck just signed with illusive to protect their vast global network. Other customers include several leading global banks and a highly-recognized NBA group.

I am proud to be joining illusive’s board of directors in what is sure to be an exciting future for this visionary company. I look forward to working with the talented team at illusive, many of whom are veteran enterprise cyber architects and former members of Unit 8200, an elite cyber intelligence unit. Together, we are committed to assisting organizations in stacking the odds against hackers.