Illusive Blog March 22, 2016

How to Stay Ahead of Cyber Attackers & Cyber Thieves?

By Beth Ruck


All of the daunting statistics about data breaches and cybersecurity failures that we’ve all been inundated with often point to the fact that sophisticated cyber attackers have figured out how to bypass common preventative measures.

Tweet: To help #mitigate the damage of data breaches, Gartner has recognized advanced deception technologyTo help mitigate the damage of data breaches, Gartner has recognized advanced deception technology as a must-have for IT because it can spot cyber attackers when they make their first move in the network.

However, advancements in post-breach detection technology should not lull the cybersecurity community to sleep on pre-breach prevention techniques and solutions.

With the advent of never-before-seen attack path visibility technology, you can revitalize your pre-breach prevention strategy.

Seeing What Attackers See

Without proper visibility, companies are often at a loss when it comes to questions such as: “are you being attacked?”; “do you know of the potential attack paths in your organization?”; “can you recognize potential kill chains that reach your sensitive assets before cyber attackers exploit them?”. These are the questions that must be answered for companies to survive the current threat landscape and the growing pool of sophisticated cyber attackers.

cyber attackersTo define effective pre-breach prevention techniques, you need to get inside the heads of your cyber attackers and understand how they think, behave, and act within your network. Why should you stay 3 steps behind your adversaries with a surface-level view of your organization when your cyber attackers can see what’s happening under the hood? In other words, it’s time to level the visibility playing field with cyber attackers.

Tweet: Now, for the first time, there is finally a viable #cyberattack visibility solution available.Now, for the first time, there is finally a viable attack visibility solution available. illusive networks® 3.0 with Attacker View™ is the first of kind solution built to illuminate potentially devastating attack paths.

It provides actionable attack visibility that shows you the high risk attack paths that your adversaries use to move laterally in your systems and reach their target.

Proactive Cybersecurity via Attack Path Visibility

Tweet: Check out all the ways to stay ahead of today’s sophisticated #cyberattackers >>The only way to stay ahead of today’s sophisticated cyber attackers, make it hard for attackers to reach your sensitive assets, and dramatically reduce the average time it takes to detect a data breach is to have advanced attack visibility.

Attackers are especially adept at uncovering the hidden, forgotten, and unused information that lies untouched for years in your network. Your objective should be to see this information the way that attackers do, and act by deploying deceptions, before someone uses it to compromise your network.


While illusive networks is already known for its Deceptions Everywhere® architecture for post-breach detection, a clear need for greater attack visibility led to the creation of Attacker View™ for greater pre-breach prevention and more proactive cybersecurity.

With Attacker View™, cybersecurity professionals can see their networks like they’ve never seen them before—with clear attack paths drawn between seemingly disconnected systems. For example, various IT projects and routine operations often leave hidden connections between hosts, severs, and network segments.

Attackers can see these hidden connections and exploit them; but without a true attack path visibility solution, you’re blind to these weak points in your network.

When you have a detailed understanding of the exploitable attack paths before a breach ever occurs, you can take proactive steps toward remediation by deploying custom cybersecurity protection such as deceptions.

If you want to see exactly how Attacker View™ can provide a level of attack path visibility you haven’t experienced before, contact illusive networks for a demo.


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