Illusive Blog December 14, 2016

Cyber Attacks on Wire Transfer Network on The Horizon

By The Illusive Networks team

Cyber criminals continue to coordinate advanced attacks on banks and financial institutions.  An exclusive Reuters news alert confirms new cyber thefts and advanced hacking techniques have been uncovered and a letter from SWIFT reported, “We unfortunately continue to see cases in which some of our customers’ environments are being compromised.”global banking image.jpg

Prediction:  In 2017, well orchestrated and targeted attacks on global inter-banking networks will continue to rise due to the sophistication of cyber attackers, outdated systems and new inspected security controls not expected until January 2018.

How can financial institutions combat against these well funded, targeted threats?  Read on to learn more …  

The First Cyber-Deception Solution to Protect Wire Transfer Networks

To locate a network’s SWIFT system, attackers use APT techniques, diligently discovering the network by moving laterally from host to host. Once SWIFT assets are identified, protocols and processes are revealed, monitored, and mimicked, allowing attackers to steal large amounts of money below the organization’s radar.

illusive networks Wire Transfer Guard™ protects your business, finances, and brand by stopping SWIFT attacks before they start. The solution identifies and suppresses SWIFT attacks long before SWIFT assets are breached, triggering alerts that keep you one step ahead of attackers: safe and in control.

This solution is purpose-built and unique to the market.  Read more about Wire Transfer Guard and be sure to download the Product Brief.

*SWIFT is a trademark of S.W.I.F.T. SCRL


illusive networks is a global pioneer of deception technology – the most
effective protection against advanced attacks. To lead the Distributed Deception Platform, top cyber-attack specialists from Israel’s elite cybersecurity Intelligence Corps (Unit 8200) were brought together with pioneering experts and entrepreneurs with over 50 years of combined experience in cyber warfare and cybersecurity.

With offices in Tel Aviv and New York, illusive networks changes the asymmetry of cyber warfare by focusing on the weakest link in a targeted attack – the human team behind it.