Attack Risk Assessment

Illusive’s Attack Risk Assessment identifies vulnerabilities on your network - artifacts ransomware attackers and other threat actors need to navigate the network towards high-value assets. The assessment reveals risk factors you’ll want to identify and remediate, and shows the value that ongoing, end-to-end attack surface management can provide for your organization.

Your Attack Surface is Changing – Fast.

Let us help – with insights and actions to take now. Illusive is offering a fast, remote, Attack Risk Assessment that answers these critical questions:

  • How robust are my current defenses?
  • How are changes to the work environment affecting my attack surface?
  • What can I do today to reduce my risk?

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better positioned to defend your organization from these opportunistic attacks. For more details, check out our Attack Risk Assessment brief here.

Request a Risk Assessment Now

Our remote assessment will identify hidden vulnerabilities that attackers seek to exploit now such as cached domain admin credentials, endpoints with direct access to critical business assets, improperly disconnected RDP sessions, ambiguous shadow admins, and much more.