Identity is the #1 Attack Vector

Privileged identities are more at risk than organizations realize. Illusive helps organizations improve their security posture by proactively discovering and mitigating privileged identity risks attackers exploit for ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Our Proven Success


of our ARA’s have identified privileged identity risk


of endpoints we operate on had cached domains


of the endpoints had local admins with group passwords


of the environments we manage had errant domain admin credentials

Webinar: Zero Trust and Identity

If you can’t trust your identities, you can’t have Zero Trust. Tune in to hear Forrester Analyst and Illusive discuss how to reduce identity risk, address challenges of achieving Zero Trust, practical ways to bridge those gaps, and accelerate your Zero Trust journey with identity hygiene through Illusive Attack Surface Manager.

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    Ransomware attackers are bypassing defenses and using old and excess credentials to move laterally undetected. Get an audit report which will reveal if you have unmonitored shadow accounts, high-risk connections to critical assets, cached credentials on endpoints, and many more potential ransomware risks.

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